A product designer’s guide to London

Selfridges Store

If you’re a product designer, you see any outing or visit to a new place as inspiration for your next work.

Everywhere we go nowadays we are surrounded by products and new design styles, so it couldn’t be easier to find ideas to inform your projects and keep your ideas looking fresh and exciting.

London is a playground for budding product designers, with tonnes of spots to go and sample some of the best design talent in the world.

While in the city, make the most of all of the works on display and spend a day browsing in some exceptional galleries and shops.

Once you’re suitably inspired, head back to your room at the Grand Royale Hyde Park where you could begin work on your new product in comfort or even just sit back and relax after a busy day.

Design Museum :-

224-238 Kensington High St

Situated in upmarket Kensington, here you will find a number of exhibitions and workshops relating to contemporary design. Head to The Design Maker User to view almost 1000 items from twentieth and twenty-first century design. The exhibition cleverly presents perspectives from the designer, manufacturer and consumer, giving you a well-rounded idea of what goes into a well-designed product.

With a broad range of topics covered here ranging from engineering, fashion and graphics, there will be something for every designer to appreciate. Whilst at the museum, take advantage of the opportunity to attend a talk or workshop, where you can gain valuable insight from some industry leaders. After this, head to the museum shop where you will find a wide range of products and books from some of the world’s most established names and also some emerging designers. After all you’ve learnt today, perhaps your product could be featuring here soon?

You’ll have taken a lot in during a visit to the Design Museum, so now’s a good time to make your way back to your room at the hotel London Hyde Park so you can put your feet up. Spend the evening reading one of your new books or picking apart the products you bought from the museum shop.

Selfridges Store

Selfridges :-

400 Oxford Street

If you are a keen product designer, where could be better to go for inspiration than a busy department store? Visit Selfridges on bustling Oxford Street, which has a reputation for being the first to stock new fashion trends and other products. This vast space has everything from fashion, beauty, home and tech to a kids department, so will be suitable for designers working in an array of different disciplines.

After an afternoon of browsing, and perhaps purchasing, some of the products on offer at this iconic store, your room at the Grand Royale Hyde Park is a luxurious ideal sanctuary where you can relax in peace away from all those busy shoppers.

London Transport Museum :-

Covent Garden Piazza

Whether you are interested in designing transportation devices or not, this museum will definitely get those creative juices flowing purely because of the progression on display here. With photographs and models showing how buses and other forms of public transport have evolved since the 18th Century, you’ll be able to learn about what really goes into making a new product that works. It’s also a great place to visit if you’ve got the kids with you, who will love climbing on the exhibits and getting involved in some of the many interactive workshops available here.