A painter’s guide to the city of London


For the budding artist or experienced painter, a visit to London promises a wide range of places that you can visit to see iconic work and shop for some of the best supplies to create your own pieces.

The city is home to a number of notable galleries that have some of the best paintings in the world, so before you visit it’s worth familiarising yourself with the best spots so you can be sure to see everything you want to.

After you’ve spent your day gazing at the works of some of the industry’s most talented artists, there are several very specialist art shops to browse in the city, some offering hard to find supplies and unusual equipment.

When you’ve had your fill, head back to your room at the Grand Royal London Hyde Park where you will be able to settle in and get to work creating your next masterpiece.

The National Gallery :-

Situated in bustling Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery is a large space that is filled with over 2,000 Western European paintings spanning from the 13th to the 19th century. Explore some of the finest art the world has seen from the likes of Botticelli, Leonardo Di Vinci and Van Gogh.

Ensure you make time to visit the ‘Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art’ exhibition, where you will be able to learn about how French Romantic artist Eugene Delacroix influenced an entire generation of artists.

Maughan Library london

Jackson’s Art Supplies :-

Before you get stuck into some of your own painting, be sure to head to this large converted warehouse that sells an extensive range of quality supplies. Browse through oil, acrylics and watercolours as well as a variety of brushes. Be sure to invest in some quality storage and cleaner for your brushes, which you’ll also find here. You’ll find Jackson’s Art Supplies at 1 Farleigh Pl.

Now your art kit is fully stocked up, relax in your room at the Grand Royal London Hyde Park. Put your feet up, relax or begin working on your new ideas that were inspired by all the works you’ve seen.

Somerset House :-

If you are able to tear yourself away from the beauty and grandeur of this building’s exterior, you will find inside a collection of unmissable paintings.

Situated between The Strand and The River Thames, this gorgeous neo-classical building in the heart of London needs to be at the top of any painters list when visiting the city.
In the Courtauld Gallery you will find a wide range of paintings spanning from the Renaissance period to the 20th Century. The Courtauld is perhaps most well-known for its Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, including iconic works by Manet, Degas, Monet and Van Gogh, so be sure to check these out when you visit.

Natural History Museum

Got enough inspiration for one day? Head to your Hotel London Hyde Park for a relaxing night’s sleep. We’re sure that you will walk up brimming with ideas for your next painting.

L. Cornelissen & Son :-

This iconic art supply shop has been in business since 1855, and it’s the place to visit if you prefer to go somewhere with a bit more character. Expect to find shelves stacked high will all manner of quirky materials including their ‘dragon blood’, a natural resin. Here you’ll also find the more ordinary supplies and staff are extremely helpful. Find it at 105A Great Russell St, Bloomsbury.