7 Ways to Convince Your Partner to Travel


What do you do if you are fond of travelling to different parts of the world, seeing different cities, enjoying a stay by the beach, doing sightseeing, going on an adventure safari or relishing exotic food of different cuisines in restaurants but your partner does not even want to go near the airport or get into your car for travelling to a nearby beach resort? You have found your ideal partner and you plan to spend your entire life together except for the scant interest being shown by your partner in travelling.

If you are convinced that your partner is your ideal mate for life and it is not a short-term relationship, you can either try to convince your partner by projecting the exciting aspects of travelling or sacrifice your travelling instincts. However, if you do eventually sacrifice, do not resent your partner. The best way to convince your partner is to properly put forward how much you yearn for travelling and how much happiness it will give you. If your partner is truly in love with you, your wish has a good chance of being granted.

You should also try to create an interest in your partner for travelling and seeing and experiencing new things by going out to exciting places in your home town. Such explorations and adventures may ignite an interest for travelling in a wider sphere. You can then expand your adventures to places near your town by visiting nearby exotic restaurants, bush walking, surfing lessons and sky diving or even seeing a foreign film. Take short breaks and go to exciting places, not too far away where your partner can relax and enjoy the experience. Once your partner shows a little interest in such escapades, you can gradually widen your scope by going on a trip for a week and a little far off. The next step would be to plan a 2-3 week holiday preferably in a nearby exotic country. You can choose an all-inclusive package that will eliminate all headaches of bookings and enable you to just relax and do sightseeing. You can then create an interest in your partner for taking an initiative in planning and organising such a trip.

It is important to feed your partner with a lot of information regarding how other people enjoy travelling. This can be done by talking to friends who have just returned from a trip or providing magazines or books regarding how people have enjoyed travelling. You can take your partner to some movies that share travel stories.
You can sacrifice on the length of a trip or choose a place according to your partner’s choice if you feel that you will be able to convince them. Finally, if nothing works, you may have to go on a trip on your own, if you wish to save your relationship.