7 Top-Rated Attractions Around Hyde Park, London


Hyde Park is one of London’s most iconic parks, with a rich history and 142 hectares of well-manicured gardens, monuments, and beautiful expanses of trees. It is not only the most impressive green space in the heart of the city but is also surrounded by a fantastic range of attractions that are well worth exploring. Here’s our list of the top seven sights to see and explore around Hyde Park.

Kensington Palace

Located within a walkable distance from the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel, this London landmark is not to be missed. Tucked away on the opposite side of Hyde Park, Kensington Palace has housed members of the royal family since the 17th century. It is open to visitors year-round, so make sure to explore the King’s State Apartments, the Queen State Apartments, and the Jewel Room for a memorable day out.

Kensington Gardens

Located immediately west of Hyde Park, you will find a delightful collection of manicured lawns, basins, and tree-lined pathways at Kensington Gardens. This picturesque expanse is part of Kensington Palace, and the large round pond in the center of the park is a great spot to have a picnic and take in the scenic beauty.

The Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial is a splendid Victorian confection on the southern edge of Kensington Gardens, only moments away from our contemporary Hyde Park hotel in London. Take some time to admire the architectural details of the Gothic-style memorial featuring an eye-opening blend of gold leaf, mosaic, and a crucifix on its top. You can also join a 90-minute tour to get a close-up of the 64-metre-long Frieze of Parnassus for a unique experience.

The Serpentine Galleries

Considered among Britain’s most significant contemporary art galleries, the Serpentine Galleries are hugely popular with visitors and receive more than a million visits each year. Every summer, it hosts a temporary Summer Pavilion, designed by a leading architect who has never built in the UK before. The galleries run an extensive programme of workshops, readings, talks and incredible contemporary artworks from the likes of Gerhard Richter and Zaha Hadid.

Buckingham Palace

A royal residence in London, Buckingham Palace is the focus of monarchical celebrations as well as the backdrop to the Changing the Guard ceremony. Take a tour of the palace’s Throne Room and Ballroom and admire the most opulent décor and furniture including paintings by Ruben, Rembrandt, and Canaletto. Don’t leave without visiting the Queen’s Gallery, where the changing exhibitions feature a mix of old master paintings and rare furniture.

Apsley House, Wellington Museum,

Discover the Wellington Museum located in the Iron Duke’s Georgian house at Hyde Park Corner. Enjoy the dazzling Regency interiors, fine art collection, and a Canova statue of Napoleon. Admire unique art at the Waterloo Gallery and immerse yourself in multimedia displays about the history of this historic London townhouse.

The Wellington Arch

Take a walk from Apsley House to the iconic Wellington Arch and admire its impressive bronze chariot featuring a figure of peace. Nearby, you’ll find a bronze statue of Wellington on horseback with the figure of an Inniskilling Dragoon, which provides a stunning backdrop for photos. The Wellington Arch also houses a gallery with rotating exhibits where you can learn about the history of England and enjoy great city views from the viewing platform.
Ready to explore? Plan a day to enjoy the beauty of Hyde Park and make it memorable by exploring central London’s incredible historical highlights near your Hyde Park accommodation.