7 London landmarks where you can walk in the footsteps of Princess Diana

Princess Diana

Known as the People’s Princess, the tragic passing of the beloved Princess Diana rocked the entire world.

To this day, visitors from all over the globe flock to London to see some of the landmarks most closely associated with the late Princess of Wales, and with our guide, you too can walk in her footsteps and visit some of her previous royal residences and favourite places when staying at the Grand Royal hotel London.

Here are seven London landmarks associated with Princess Diana well worth visiting during your next stay with us in the capital.

Buckingham Palace

Home to Princess Dianna briefly during her engagement to Prince Charles, Buckingham Palace is one of the most photographed royal palaces in all of London.

Buckingham Palace In London

Visitors wishing to get a glimpse inside the royal residence while staying at the Grand Royal hotel London during August and September will be able to take a guided tour. The palace opens its doors to visitors for eight weeks during the late summer months making a trip this time of year perfect.

A tribute to the Princess can be found in the music room of Buckingham Palace and was carefully selected by Princes William and Harry as a reminder of their mother’s time in residence there and her love of all things musical. Why not book one of our 4 star hotels London during August or September to see it for yourself?

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is a current royal residence, so, unfortunately, you won’t be able to take a guided tour of the royal apartments – they are currently called home by none other than the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Kensington Palace Londn

However, it’s still entirely possible to get up close to the palace during your stay at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park as there are parts of the building uninhabited with royals that you can visit.

You can take a tour of the King’s State Apartments for example or explore the famous sunken gardens seven days a week.

St. George’s Square, Pimlico

For those of us old enough to remember Diana before she joined the royal family, you might recall a few iconic photos of her as a young nursery school assistant posing for photographs by a small fountain.

This fountain still stands in St. George’s Square and can be visited at any time of the day. For those staying in our 4-star hotels London, you can reach the area of Pimlico via Tube quite easily to track down this famous fountain and take a few photos of your own.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

One of the most famous royal weddings of all time, St. Paul’s Cathedral was chosen as the venue for the marriage of Diana and the Prince of Wales in 1981 in order to accommodate their vast guest list of 3,500 people.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Televised all over the globe, we saw Diana enter the famous cathedral with her supersized train ready to be wed to Prince Charles. Today, if you who wish to visit the wedding venue during your time in London, you can do so at your leisure.

To get to St. Paul’s Cathedral from the Grand Royal hotel London, take the Central line from Queensway station. It will get you to your destination in just under 25-minutes.

Westminster Abbey

Princess Diana didn’t receive a state funeral, but a service was held at Westminster Abbey before her coffin was transported through the streets of Kensington. It was met by crowds of mourners that had travelled from all over the world to pay their final respects to the late Princess.  Following a genuinely moving service, Diana’s coffin was then taken to her final resting place.

Westminster Abbey

Visitors staying at our 4-star hotels in London are welcome to visit Westminster Abbey during their stay in the city, but one of the most well attended visiting periods is Evensong, a beautiful choral service that takes place on most days of the week at 5pm.

To reach Westminster Abbey from the Grand Royal hotel London, take the Circle tube line from nearby Bayswater station to Westminster. Expect your journey to take just over 20-minutes.

When you arrive at the station, Westminster Abbey is just a nine-minute walk away, so you won’t need to leave too early to attend the 5pm evensong service.

Althorp Estate

Althorp Estate is the ancestral family home of the Spencers and Diana’s childhood home. The body of the Princess was interred here on a small island surrounded by a picturesque lake following the service at Westminster Abbey.

Although visitors will not be granted access to the island, those staying at our 4-star hotels London and willing to make the two-hour journey north of London to visit the residence can take a tour of Diana’s childhood home on selected dates.

Visitors staying at the Grand Royale London Hyde Park between May and September can tour of the property from 12 noon until 5pm daily. Here you’ll find a small exhibition of photographs of the Princess and be free to explore the wonderful art collection and gardens.

For those wishing to leave a floral tribute at the grounds, visitors are encouraged to lay their flowers at the Grecian-inspired temple situated across from Round Oval Lake (the home of Diana’s island).

The Princess Diana Memorial Garden

Although not a place often frequented by the Princess, no tour of Diana’s London would be complete without a short visit to the Princess Diana Memorial Garden located in Hyde Park.

Diana Memorial Fountain

Featuring beautifully maintained plants and shrubs, a sweeping stream-like water feature and a children’s play area complete with a pirate ship, this tranquil space is filled with serenity and the occasional peel of children’s laughter. It is a fitting memorial for a much-loved member of the royal family.

You’ll often find small floral tributes and candles lit around the time of the anniversary of Diana’s death.