10 Changes I Have Seen in London Since My Last Trip


London is a city which I have always loved and what I like about it so much that it never changes its basic identity, even after oceans of changes it has seen. It is still the royal city that it was, it still maintains that majestic architecture, you can still see the cosmopolitan crowd of London at the Trafalgar Square and it still is a shopping haven. But some things have changed indeed since the last time we came here and I thought of sharing the most significant or at least the most prominently visible changes I could notice.

  1. Oh yes, the first change is the most noticeable one as soon as you walk out on the streets of London. Those classic red Routemaster double-decker buses can hardly be seen. They have been replaced by new and more chic looking buses, except on a few special routes.
  2. If a hotel tells you that it would provide free Wi-Fi, you can say “no big deal, so does the nearby restaurant”. It is everywhere, which means you can stay connected to the world while you are lost in this beautiful part of an iconic world.
  3. A new app Hailo lets you call cabs wherever you are. It helps you get a cab much more quickly and you can pay via the app too, so you don’t have to carry too much cash.
  4. You don’t need to carry maps either, thanks to elaborate city maps on phones and devices.
  5. Tall buildings and London just don’t match but they are here. Good thing is that they are not disrupting the old world charm of the city though.
  6. Shopping malls have dared to enter the city with the best shopping streets in the world.
  7. Harrods is no longer our favourite. It has gone too expensive, too luxury centric and too boring.
  8. American fast food joints are invading big time and by the looks of it, they are here to stay for good.
  9. Want a cool drink, no problem, apparently every drink can be made ice drink in London now.
  10. Maybe it’s not London that has changed too much, maybe it’s me, or may be both of us have changed a little. I like it though.