10 Attractions near Hyde Park

hyde park

London is a holiday destination for everyone. And if you look at the variety of attractions near Hyde Park, Central London, there is no way you’re going to disagree. A romantic holiday, a photographer’s haven, a dream come true for the shopping lovers and a delight for the history buffs. Hyde Park is all of this and that’s exactly the reason why it sees so many visitors and is a favourite hangout for the locals as well.

Hyde Park is one of the Royal Parks in London. It’s huge with the Serpentine dividing it in to two. This lake is a lovely place for a romantic boat ride. Albert Memorial, Princess Dianna Memorial, Museum of Instruments, Victoria and Albert Museum and several other museums and galleries around not only exhibit excellent works of art but also hold in them snippets of history.

Out of the museums and along the park are many unique sculptures. These are a treat especially for the photographers. Then, there is the line of shops at Oxford Street for the shopaholics.

Grand Royale London Hyde Park offers exclusive packages for the shopaholics. It includes complimentary English breakfast, an overnight stay in a double room, fruits, chocolates, a bottle of Champagne and free transfer to Oxford Street for you to shop till you drop. Oxford Street is one of the many attractions near Hyde Park that pulls tons of visitors.

Hyde Park also showcases some of the best cafes, restaurants and pubs. Stopover, sip a drink or indulge in an elaborate English meal. Apart from the independent eateries, there are some inhouse restaurants in the hotels as well. Grand Royale is one such four star that has a lavish menu in the restaurant. Visitors especially look forward to the breakfast here.

The theatres and the concert scene form a part of the countless attractions in Hyde Park too. The concerts are enjoyed by the tourists and the locals alike. Some people just travel for the concerts. There are several reasons that would make you travel to London, the long list of attractions in Hyde Park is just one of the major ones.